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Is Chinese Medicine a Good Fit for Your Family?

Chinese medicine could be a good fit for your family if…

    Brooke has a deep and well-trained mind paired with a gentle, non-judgemental approach. She embodies holistic care for the unique needs of our whole family.
    — Chinese Medicine Client
    Hannah has a tremendous skill of being present with me. Her calming nature allows me to feel safe and secure, and well cared for. I always sense that she genuinely wants me to feel better. I leave each treatment more radiant than the last, and am always excited to schedule my next treatment because I know the effects are tremendous and in alignment with my overall healing.
    — Chinese Medicine Client
    • You are curious about natural remedies.
    • You have a holistic outlook on medicine.
    • You believe that what you and your family eat matters to their overall health.
    • You know someone who has experienced the benefits of Chinese medicine.
    • You want to have a complementary, compassionate, wellness-oriented practitioner on your family's health care team.
    • You believe that there are multiple valid perspectives on health and healing.

    About Chinese Medicine

    Chinese medicine at the Elemental Family includes multiple treatment modalities, including: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tui na massage, cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, electrical stimulation, dietary recommendations, and Five Element typing. 

    Chinese medicine is a complete medical model and as such is equipped to address symptoms of imbalance in all systems: respiratory, digestive, reproductive, neurological, immune, musculo-skeletal, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and the nervous system.

    Chinese medicine is a nimble and versatile system that works by supporting the networks and scaffolding that underpin all health and balance in the body. By virtue of stimulating acupuncture points, regardless of the treatment plan, you can expect to experience balanced hormones and circulation, a relaxed nervous system, as well as a reduction in inflammation and pain.

    We help children and adults honor their body’s innate ability to heal and we utilize the gentle, effective tools of Chinese medicine to unlock this potential. No matter what age we are working with, the intention is the same: to support the body to do its instinctive healing work. Chinese medicine offers a true complement to other medical models in its emphasis on prevention and resilience, as well as its holistic, individualized approach to complex, chronic conditions.