Wellness for the Mind-Body-Spirit

In our efforts to restore the mind-body-spirit connection for our clients, we have discovered an alchemy that exists in the intersection of our once distinct modalities of healing. The synthesis of acupuncture and Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP - a unique form of somatic psychotherapy) calls on this connection to reveal itself so that you may gain a deeper understanding of your inner workings. In recognizing how events once perceived as purely physical, may in fact result in mental and emotional changes as well (and vice-versa), our clients are guided to pay close attention to the many ways in which they respond to various stimuli and circumstances so that they may feel empowered to consciously transform their response, find the clarity to call in and create a different story or intention, and invite new experiences to land as seeds in the freshly cultivated and fertile soil of their being.

This option allows for our clients to experience the exponential benefits of our therapies combined. 

The use of acupuncture alongside talk therapy, breathwork, and various other techniques strengthens the already existing, yet often diminished, stagnated, or ignored pathways that weave together to form the complex landscapes of your human being.  Whether you are seeking relief from a physical ailment or an emotional trauma, or simply wanting to invite more meaning, presence, and joy into your life, this approach aims to leave you feeling more integrated, hopeful, vibrant, compassionate toward self and others, and empowered to confidently embody your true nature.

Is it for me?

Back-to-back full-length sessions are ideal for those with more flexibility in their schedule, or those seeking an even deeper journey into the world of Chinese Medicine; however, our combined offering is a fantastic way for psychotherapy clients to experience the benefits of acupuncture (which are significantly amplified when used in the context of somatic psychotherapy) should they have less time to spare. This option can also serve as the perfect platform from which to eventually transition into a full body treatment for newbies to acupuncture.

What does it look like?

During a combined treatment session, you will receive an auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment (several very small needles in either ear) which will remain in place while you engage in the various techniques utilized in a typical psychotherapy session. Your acupuncture treatment will be based on your unique constitution and current scenario, with the intention of expanding, deepening, and clarifying the profound work of exploring your personal history, the voices and lens that inform your perception of the world, and the many ways in which you have absorbed and integrated your experiences into the fabric of your body.