Chinese + Functional Medicine Rates - Los Angeles

Initial visit - $325 (120 minutes, includes comprehensive health history & acupuncture session & functional medicine first-line plan)*

Follow ups - $140 (60 minutes, includes acupuncture session & functional medicine re-evaluation as needed)*

(Please contact Hannah directly for Santa Barbara rates)

*Home visits can be arranged for an additional fee of $100


Elemental Family is an out-of-network provider. If you have a PPO insurance plan, there is a good chance you have coverage for out-of-network health care. If this is the case with your plan, we will happily provide you with a coded superbill that you can submit to your provider in order to receive reimbursement directly.

You can call your insurance company and ask the following questions to determine eligibility:

  1. Do I have out-of-network coverage for acupuncture?
    If yes...

  2. How many treatments are covered per year?

  3. How much is reimbursed per treatment?

  4. How much is my out-of-network deductible?

  5. Will I need a referral from an MD to see an acupuncturist?

  6. What conditions are covered for acupuncture (for example: back pain, neck pain, nausea, etc.)?