Fire Element Acupressure + Essential Oil Combo

Take matters into your own hands this blazing hot season. Summer is the Fire season and as such is full of fun, fun, fun and countless opportunities for expansive joy; however, as we all know, sometimes it can be just too much for a kid's still-developing nervous system to handle in a regulated way. From the Chinese medicine perspective, it is possible to experience more joy or excitement than you know what to do with :-). When this happens, our kids usually let us know by offloading with the following symptoms and overstimulated behaviors: hyperactivity, anxiety, meltdowns, running too hot in general, low blood sugar, and/or trouble sleeping due to an inability to calm their brain and body enough to allow for sleep to take over.

Keep your kids calm, cool, and connected this summer with these two Fire-regulating acupressure points. Remember, we don't always need to use needles (or "taps" as we call them in the office) to treat your kiddos. Acupressure is a simple yet effective tool to help support a child's nervous system. You can do these points alone or combine with the recommended essential oils to enhance the calming effect. Check out this easy treatment you can perform on your children (or yourself for that matter):


  • Rub one drop of Geranium or Neroli essential oil on each of the acupressure points pictured below
  • Press and rub in a circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Repeat as needed to calm the mind and cool an agitated Heart


  • What do I mean by "Fire regulating"? 
    • Summer is the season of the Fire element in Chinese medicine. This means that the energy of the season corresponds to the qualities of Fire, including both the delicious, exuberant aspects as well as a propensity to burn out of control. Keep your kids in the chill & happy zone with acupressure, as well as plenty of healthy food, adequate fluids, and downtime to balance the fun.
  • Why Geranium and Neroli?
    • Both of these oil are calming and Heart (and thus Fire) regulating. They specifically ease stress and anxiety while enhancing the natural state of the Heart = joy. 
  • What can I expect to see post treatment? 
    • Acupressure generally induces a relaxed state of being, and the functions of these points should help your child to balance the heat of excitement with the need for mental and physical rest and recuperation. Repeat a few times a day for best results.

Acupressure points for Fire regulation during summer:

Heart 3 - located on the inner aspect of the elbow, in the soft spot between the bony protrusion and the tendons in the middle of the elbow crease

This point calls upon the balancing nature of Water to counteract excessive Fire in the body, thus calming the spirit and cooling excess heat.

Pericardium 6 - located in the middle of the inner aspect of the forearm, about two finger-widths (your child's fingers) above the wrist crease

This point protects the Heart and calms a wide range of emotional dysregulation.