August heralds the arrival of late summer in Chinese medicine, the season of the Spleen organ network and its corresponding element, Earth. To anyone familiar with the Elements, the simple sound of these words alone are enough to evoke a pleasant, happy, warm feeling, as the Earth element represents all that is grounded, centered, nourished, nurtured, and held.

Your Spleen is your digestive center, physically and mental-emotionally, responsible for the transformation, transportation, and integration of both food and information. Similarly, the Earth element is the fulcrum of all five elements, acting as a grounding force and the source of daily life-sustaining energy that fuels you from the moment you wake each morning.

The Earth element revolves around community and harmony. It is associated with the color yellow, the sound of singing, and the flavor of sweetness. Earth is the element of caretakers and homemakers, those who take pride in nourishing others and those who nurture for a living.

Here at Elemental Family, we believe in the primacy and necessity of self-care in order to be able to fully show up and care for others. A neglected Earth element will let you know that it is in need, by manifesting some of the following symptoms:

·      Psycho-emotional: resentment towards those in your care, inauthenticity in your relationships, indecision, worry, overthinking, perseveration

·      Physical: low energy, bloating after eating, heavy limbs, bruising easily, and dull frontal headaches

One proven way to support the functioning of your Spleen is to cultivate clarity of thought through a meditation practice. Lucky for you, a brand new Earth element Lovingkindness meditation by Debi Fries, MFT is available on Soundcloud just a few clicks away…

Tending to your Earth element on a regular basis can include anything that fills you up, grounds you, and makes you feel happy and satiated:

·      Preparing and sharing a nourishing meal with family and friends

·      Reading with your children

·      Singing or enjoying music

·      Gentle exercise

·      Cultivating compassion for self and others

·      Earthing (walking barefoot on the Earth)

As always, we are here to support you in your efforts to live an authentic, healthy, vibrant, balanced life with our healing modalities, somatic psychotherapy and Chinese medicine. Reach out here to learn more about our treatment options for yourself or your children!